Valentine’s Day Date Ideas

Whether you love Valentine’s Day, or you hate it, it happens. So, if you are going to celebrate it, then it should be fun. If you want to do your own thing, that should be even more fun.

Get creative

  • Museums– What better way to get creative than to go to a museum on Valentine’s Day? Or maybe a science center?
  • Go geocaching– Take the evening to go treasure hunting. it builds teamwork!
  • Go for a hot-air balloon ride– Is there really a better date than to look down on the world from a massive balloon?
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DIY Valentine’s Day Conversation Magnets

DIY Valentine's Day Conversation MagnetsI was walking through the grocery store the other day looking at the Valentine’s Day candy when I saw conversation hearts. I wrinkled my nose because I immediately imagined the chalky taste associated with them. I guess it depends on your taste, but I’m not wild about them. So, I decided to make conversation magnets for Valentine’s Day instead. They are useful and cute!


DIY Valentine's Day Conversation Magnets materialsThings You Will Need:
Accent gems
Diamond Glaze
Scrapbook paper
Magnetic tape strips

*You can get the gems from the Dollar Store and the magnetic tape strips from Walmart. Read the whole post

Valentine’s Day Gifts for Her 2014

After I posted by Valentine’s Day Gifts for Him 2014, I got a request for Valentine’s Day gifts for her. So, this is for you!

(Most) women are easy to buy for. If you get chocolate, flowers, and/or dinner, you’re doing pretty well. But, there are always some ladies that hate that stuff. I hate getting flowers. Save your money… Surely there are other women out there who feel the way I do. With that in mind, I’ve compiled a few ideas for the hard-to-buy-for women in your lives. Read the whole post

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him 2014

Here’s to another Valentine’s Day. Don’t just go out to eat and watch a movie. Do something fun that you don’t normally do.

In the meantime, you should probably start checking out some good Valentine’s day gifts for the man in your life. So, let me help you out. I’m compiled a few good ideas for you to consider. I did put some thought into this, by the way, so I hope you like it! Read the whole post

Valentine’s Day Gifts For Him

Valentine’s Day: A day created by Hallmark-like companies. I won’t get all scroogy on you though. I’ve decided to be useful and compile some links to gifts you can get for him for Valentine’s Day. These are not gifts for her because she is easy to buy for. Jewelry, chocolate, anything with hearts, make her dinner, buy her flowers, clean the house, etc and it will make her happy. There are so many options. But there aren’t so many obvious options for him. Read the whole post

Gifts For Him

I gave you an idea of what to give the girl in your life for Valentine’s Day and a few of you emailed me and asked what I recommend you give the men in your lives. Here are some suggestions for you. Very last minute though.

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Things You Pay For:






Things You Make:








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Need a Valentine’s Day Gift For Her?

I have never been into holidays but Valentine’s Day is coming up so lets do something fun for it. If you are going to give her something you should give her something that you’ve made. If she is a good girl, she will appreciate it. It isn’t about the money… its about the thought. (At least it should be.) So, here is a DIY tutorial for paper beads which you can use to made her a bracelet or a necklace. Read the whole post