The Craft Challenge

Guess what?! I have started a blog collaboration, organized by Emily over at A Pop of Red, to help bring readers new an interesting craft projects!

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What is the craft challenge?

Every month, participating bloggers will share their DIY and craft ideas and projects related to a particular theme. I will be linking to the other blogger’s posts so that you can see the variety of projects we’ve come up with. The posts for The Craft Challenge will be posted every Monday starting on March 30th. Read the whole post

DIY Black Pearl Wire Wrapped Earrings

DIY Black Pearl Wire Wrapped Earrings

I was trying to figure out what to make for my craft today so I was looking through my supplies and found that I had a lot of wire laying around. What better project to work on with a bunch of wire than wire-wrapped earrings?

With the right tools, these earrings are very easy to make. You can make them without the tools but it is more time consuming and your fingers are definitely going to get roughed up. Read the whole post

DIY Jewelry Box From A Tin

DIY Jewelry box from a tin

Christmas is right around the corner and a lot of people give jewelry as a gift, so why not make a jewelry box to accompany your rings, necklaces or whatever you’re planning to gift?

This one is really easy to make, just a little time consuming. If you have an hour an a half and some cute scrapbook paper, you will be happy you spent the time to do this.

All you need is a tin box of some sort. Read the whole post

Hanging Jewelry Organizer

jewelry organizer

I have a lot of jewelry but there are only a few pieces that I wear on a regular basis. Until today, that jewelry was stuffed into a jewelry box. That’s not always a bad thing but I constantly found myself untangling necklaces and digging for the second earring. So I decided to make my own hanging jewelry organizer so that I could easily find the things I was looking for. It costed about $25 to make and seems to work well. Read the whole post

DIY Wooden Beaded Bracelet

DIY Wooden Beaded Bracelet

I saw these cute wooden beads at Walmart the other day and decided to buy them. I was especially attracted to flowers. Since today is Memorial Day, and there will likely be teens and tweens in your care at some point throughout the day, this would be a great project to do with them. I used to make bracelets like this all the time as a kid. All together, I think I spent $10 and you could probably get 4 or 5 bracelets out of the bead kit. Read the whole post

DIY Beaded Wire-Wrapped Earrings

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

I haven’t made earrings in a while so, I made some wire wrapped earrings for this weeks DIY project. These are really easy to make, and only took me about 20 minutes. Please ignore my chipped nails…

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Things You Will Need:
Earring clasps
Earring hooks

If you’ve used a Things-A-Ma-Jig, you can find them at Michaels. They’re great for any type of wire wrapping or beading.

DIY beaded wire wrapped earrings

Step 1
Using your rounded pliers, form a loop in the top of the wire. Read the whole post

DIY Beach-Inspired Bracelets

DIY beach-inspired bracelets

I am so excited that summer is coming! So, for this Make Something Mondays DIY craft, I decided to make beach-inspired bracelets. I found some really cute beachy charms, like a flower, anchor, and old-style ship wheel and attached them to some smaller chains.

It didn’t take much more than 15 minutes, and they look adorable. I think I’m going to make some anklets for the beach this summer, too.


DIY bracelet materials

Things You Will Need:

*Optional items


bracelet flower charm

Step 1
Attach your charm to each side of the bracelet chain so it is centered. Read the whole post

DIY Wire Wrap Christmas Tree Earrings

DIY Christmas Tree EarringsIt doesn’t look like it, but these Christmas tree earrings were actually very easy to make. They would make a nice last-minute gift idea for some of the ladies of your list that you have yet to buy for. Granted, it is a seasonal idea, but you could turn them into ornaments as well, if you made them larger. These are probably about 2 inches tall.

christmas tree earrings materials

Things You Will Need:
Thick wire
Earring hooks

I know, what the heck is a Thing-a-ma-JIG, right? Read the whole post

5 Great Gifts for Artists

As you know, I am a big fan of Etsy. I have my own shop and always support other artists if possible. When I can buy something from Etsy, rather than another website, I do. So, I was doing some of my own holiday shopping on there the other day and came across some great gifts for artists. There are so many people that tell me buying for an artist is really difficult, so I am going to help you out, assuming you are one of those people. Read the whole post

DIY Beaded Hoop Wire-Wrapped Earrings

DIY Beaded Hoop EarringsFor today’s Make Something Mondays I put together a tutorial for beaded hoop wire-wrapped earrings. These are fairly easy to make and they don’t take more than half an hour all together. The wire and beading is affordable, so they also make fun gifts!

DIY Beaded Hoop Earrings materialsThings You Will Need:
Clip pliers
Jump rings
Earring hooks
flat-nosed pliers
Round-nosed pliers

*I am not entirely sure what size wire I used for these earrings. I know it was a larger gauge though. Read the whole post