Reality Invasion

No matter how professional we have become, we all had that childhood game (or dream) to have things we draw – be it a cute animal, a character, or a console we wish to have for Christmas – come to life. After all, that’s the time when we could exercise our imagination and express our expectations without any limitations. Some of us never let that phase pass, which is a good thing, because then the rest of us could watch these drawings come to life – with some help from graphic editors! Read the whole post

Am I Too Old to Want This?

Student Work – Yunyeen Yong

Designed by Yunyeen Yong | Country: Australia

“Jooze is a fictional company that manufactures fresh fruit juices, catered especially to kindergarten and primary school students. It is a company that believes that healthy eating habits should begin at a very young age.

The shape of the logo is inspired by the shape of a sliced fruit, and the handwritten typeface used is to portray a sense of fun, hands-on personality and characteristic that appeals to kids and toddlers.

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Artist Makes Creepy Self-Portraits Using His Own Frozen Blood

This article is pretty weird but quite unique so I had to share it.

Many years ago British artist Marc Quinn started an art project where he created cast self-portraits using his own frozen blood. On one hand, it’s incredibly creepy and unsettling. But on the other, how many artists’ can turn to their creations during a medical emergency?

Starting as far back as 1991, Marc has been creating these self-portraits every five years or so, with each one requiring about four and a half liters of blood extracted over a five-month period. Read the whole post

Art of the Toilet Paper Roll by JUNIOR FRITZ JACQUET

  Art of the Toilet Paper Roll by JUNIOR FRITZ JACQUET French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet has been fascinated by paper since a very young age. Among various other paper and cardboard creations, he transforms plain toilet paper rolls into remarkable miniature masks. His technique is inspired by origami, in that it uses a single piece and folds it into a shape, but has a unique smoothness that deviates from the sharpness and jagged edges of origami, creating shapes that are astonishingly human. The masks are sculpted by hand, then coated with shellac and different pigments. A testament to the power of taking something incredibly simple and transforming it into something impressively expressive, each piece exudes a complexity of human emotion conveyed in just a few brilliantly orchestrated folds.

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Strips of Geometric Vinyl Tape

A pretty neat post by My Modern Metropolis that I had to share. This is pretty awesome!


Glasgow-based artist Jim Lambie can transform any space into a visual delight with his geometric tape designs. Using everyday vinyl tape, he creates angles and lines of contrasting colors that suggest movement and optical illusions. He can convert a once empty and quiet room into a space filled with energy. As viewers enter a converted space, they instantly have a visual interaction with the artwork.

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DIY “Blanks”

My coworker decided to go on vacation this weekend so, he left work Wednesday afternoon. Another coworker and I decided to make a small replica of his family and put it on his desk for when he came back. I took him and his wife and my coworker took the two children. I will take a picture of the whole “family” on his desk tomorrow so you can see how the kids turned out also. This will be a step by step to show you how to make your own. Read the whole post

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